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Tractor Grader Attachment

Grader attachment used with a Heavy duty range tractor 4WD of 55 to 70 HP capacity. Useful for road construction, leveling etc.

Rotating blade width: 7 feet.

Grade surfaces with precision and control while maximizing productivity with the grader attachment. Designed with performance in mind, the Kishan grader attachment excels at high-performance grading. Even delicate tasks can be completed with powerful precision. The grader attachment has blades that move six different ways to grade any surface.

Applications for the grader attachment include landscaping, asphalt, curb and gutter and concrete flatwork. Achieve a consistent grade with ease and turn your Kishan loader into a high-performance grading machine with the grader attachment.

How does it work ?

Blades move six different ways and the front bolster oscillates 12 degrees to the right or left, allowing for grading on any surface while minimizing the effect of uneven ground. Tyres on the bolster provide excellent flotation to keep the grader moving smoothly over the work area. A dirt shield is mounted over the moldboard to keep material pushing forward instead of backward over the top of the grader. The cutting edge of the moldboard is reversible; when the edge wears out, it can be flipped over to provide a fresh cutting blade.

Salient Features of Kishan Tractor Grader Attachment

  • Heavy duty hoses with high pressure.
  • High carbon steel blade in front dozzer & grader.
  • New Front Axel with heavy duty hub and new bearings & new tyre.
  • TUV certified & ISO 9001 certified hydraulic cylinder with high & low pressure.
  • Use hydro control value for operator your machine.s
  • You can use pillow, cultivator water tank & other items in back your machine.
  • Both side leaver for easy operate functions for operator.
  • Use hydro motor for drive circle or hydro cylinder.
  • Use E-N8 materials.
  • Use teeth in front dozzer in selected models.

Over all Length. 6300 20'8"
Middle Tyre to Front Tyre Length. 3000 9'10"
Height to top of lift cylinders. 2350 7'8"
Length of blade. 2130 7'
Grader Blade to Front Tyre Distance. 930 3'6"
Front Dozzer Length. 1830 6'
Blade Height. 480 1'7"
Camber culling height. 600 23.62
Slotting of blade one side. 1370 54.00
Front Dozzer height form bottom. 450 17.71
Width of front dozzer. 600 23.62
Height of blade from bottom. 480 19.00
Round of blade. 45º  

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